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Strategies for law enforcement leaders to create an accepting workplace
Read about an off-duty CBP agent’s heroic actions, police pursuits in Washington state and more from this week’s news
This annual celebration of inclusivity is now exclusive of hundreds of gay officers who risk their lives daily and serve their communities with dignity and honor
The county insists it is not discriminating against the deputy, as its insurance plan has covered other gender-affirming care besides the surgery
Several law enforcement professionals will share how they found support within the profession while sharing their experiences in law enforcement
Last year, Aurora Pride had requested that if police officers wanted to march in the Pride Parade, they do so not in full uniform, particularly not with weapons
The map-based application is the first of its kind in the nation
Pride organizers claimed PD handling of a suspicious vehicle delayed the start of the parade
Officers will march in full uniform after ongoing conversations with parade organizers
A judge ruled that a sheriff’s office illegally discriminated when it denied gender reassignment surgery to a deputy
The City of Aurora had revoked the parade’s permit earlier this week because not enough officers signed up to work an overtime shift
The event in Aurora, Illinois, has faced controversy since organizers banned police from marching in uniform
Parade organizers have compromised after officers were initially barred from marching in uniform
Mayor Richard Irvin strongly urged parade officials to reconsider their decision
“LGBTQ+ officers [were told to] hang up their uniforms and put them back in the closet,” said one police group
The initiative aims to help more effectively recruit members of the LGBTQ community
“We want to look like the community that we serve. And that comes across all spectrums,” said Sgt. Ana Arboleda
Last month, organizers announced that they want to drastically cut the number of cops assigned to protect the route in 2022
The remarks allegedly came four days after BSO Deputy Shannon Bennett, a 12-year veteran, died of COVID-19
Benson Churgai received a standing ovation after he came out to his graduating class
The initiative is designed to address the underreporting of hate crimes and hate incidents by increasing public trust in reporting these crimes
Updates include using new terminology to refer to transgender and nonbinary people and allowing them to choose whether they are searched by a male or female LEO
The sheriff’s deputy was a leader in the city’s gay community, and a state legislator said he “lifted up every room he ever stepped foot in”
The apology comes just weeks ahead of the milestone anniversary of the raid and the rebellion sparked the night of June 27-28, 1969
Organizers of the parade reversed course after police and the LGBT Community Center agreed on a partnership
For the second year in a row, uniformed police officers will not be participating in the Sacramento PRIDE parade
The Fla. police department has redesigned a squad car with a giant rainbow, a longtime symbol of pride for the LGBT community