Off-duty Texas officer shoots suspect after attempted ambush

A group of suspects targeted the officer as he drove home

By Police1 Staff

HOUSTON — A group of suspects who targeted a Houston police officer as he drove home in his personal vehicle have been arrested, and one of them ended up shot, KHOU reported.

The Oct. 8 incident occurred after the 33-year veteran was heading home in his personal vehicle and noticed he was being followed.

The officer, identified as J. Yencha, stopped on a random street to see if the suspicious vehicle would continue past him, but it stopped near the officer’s car. One male suspect armed with a gun approached the officer, still in uniform, in his vehicle.

The officer got out of his car, identified himself and told the suspect to stop. The suspect continued to approach and pointed his gun at the officer.

The officer, fearing for his safety, shot the suspect twice.

The suspect ran back to his vehicle, where three others were waiting, and fled the scene.

Ten minutes after the incident, the police department received a call about a shot male lying on the ground. The responding officers recognized the vehicle from the officer-involved shooting and took all four suspects into custody. 

Three were taken to jail. The fourth was taken to a hospital and was listed in serious condition.

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