Video: Deputy takes down suspect despite being stabbed in the eye

Police Chief Wade Gourley said he wanted to show the public “what our officers are dealing with”

By Suzie Ziegler

OKLAHOMA CITY — A police chief in Oklahoma is drawing attention to the increase in attacks on police officers nationwide.  

Last week, Oklahoma City Police Chief Wade Gourley shared a compilation video of bodycam footage from multiple police incidents over the last two years. 

“I want these types of incidents to be brought to more attention,” Gourley said in the video introduction. 

In the video, Gourley describes a recent incident in which a known suspect with a history of attacking police officers stabbed a cop in the eye with a shard of glass. Bodycam video shows a violent struggle between Officer Page and Christopher McPheeters. 

According to police, Page was responding to a report of a man throwing objects at another patrol car. When Page asks McPheeters to talk, the man took off running, video shows. Page runs after him, knocking McPheeters to the ground. During the struggle, McPheeters slashes at Page’s face and stabs the officer in the eye, spraying blood. Page manages to get the man under control and several officers arrive to finish taking McPheeters into custody. 

“He cut me,” Page is heard saying. 

Page was seriously injured and almost lost his eye, Gourley said. 

Gourley goes on to describe another incident in which an officer was shot in their ballistic vest. In that case, the suspect was sentenced to six years with a plea deal.

“He could spend as little as three to four years in prison for shooting at a police officer,” Gourley said.  

“I just want the public to understand a little bit more about what our officers are dealing with,” Gourley continued. “Often times the individuals that they deal with are violent. We need to make sure that those individuals are held accountable.” 

McPheeters was booked into the Oklahoma County jail. Police didn’t immediately say what charges he is facing. 

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