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Police History

These social media celebrations recognize the courage, dedication and leadership of women in law enforcement
Law enforcement agencies nationwide highlight the courage, dedication and achievements of Black officers, reinforcing a commitment to diversity and inclusion
History has shown that American citizens will eventually stand up to protect themselves
Bass Reeves, a U.S. deputy marshal in the western district of Indian Territory, took a warrant to arrest his son after he shot and killed his wife
Despite production ending in 2011, the Crown Victoria still holds a special place in the hearts of many law enforcement officers
Recruiting and operating organized crime gang members and bosses as long-term confidential criminal informants is a dangerous game for law enforcement officers
Throughout the museum, guests will learn the full story of the Marshals, which dates back to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution
After the mass shooting on July 1, 1993, with the help of SWAT teams, SFPD changed how it approached skyscraper shootings — clear the tower room by room
What would you have done differently to have better results if you had received the call to arrest the Dillinger Gang?
During his career with Phoenix police, Officer Cooley rose to become captain, a rank the department said is equivalent to commander today
The legendary homicide inspector discusses the two words that broke the Night Stalker case, the first time Ramirez claims to have killed in San Francisco, and advice for new investigators
Emergency responders need to become students of history. It’s one of the easiest ways to avoid becoming the subject of history repeating itself
On April 11, 1986, one of the most famous shootouts in modern times took place between the FBI and two serial bank robbers
It’s time to recognize the changes wrought by critical incidents in remote places
Texas deputy Bill Hardin started his law enforcement career on Feb. 1, 1947
Popularly known as the “lie detector,” the polygraph seized headlines and was extolled in movies, TV and comics as an infallible crime-fighting tool
The officer spent nearly $31K to restore the vehicle and plans to use it for special events and charities
There will never be another one like Mills Lane
Patrolman August Baker is the only officer of the Cumberland Police Department to die in the line of duty
A 1932 bloodbath at a remote Ozarks farm that resulted in the death of six LEOs still offers tactical lessons for officers today
The ninth season of “What Made America Great” opens with host Brian Kilmeade visiting officers in his hometown in Long Island
Vollmer spearheaded revolutionary ideas that today’s cops take for granted, like police call boxes and vehicle patrols. However, he still has more to teach
Symbols and ceremonies are important ways for us to remember fallen LEOs
Among the most pressing issues Susan Hutson faces taking over as Orleans Parish sheriff is a decrease in deputies employed by the sheriff’s office
FTOs would do well to incorporate Peelian principle #7 in their training
Their struggles and accomplishments helped break barriers and pave the way for future generations
Staggered by the murder of two young Harlem cops, the NYPD paused to recall another grievous milestone, Jan. 27, 1972, when two other young officers were gunned down
Focusing on the principles on which policing was founded can give officers important direction for facing today’s challenges
NYPD has used 12-pound trigger pulls for several decades