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The American Sniper Association has produced a defining resource designed to assist SWAT teams in structuring training, buying equipment and planning deployments
The tools, techniques and emotional connection to both that a good sniper brings to the game
Lt. Joseph Fix credits his time in the military as an Army Ranger and police SWAT training for his ability to remain calm and focused
“It was a chaotic scene,” Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno said. “We applied all technology — that’s the robodog, our SWAT team, electronic, surveillance [and] drones”
Arapahoe County team trains over 200 hours a year to make critical decisions that save lives
Police were in a hourslong standoff with the man before shots were fired, after his mother called 911 to report he was vandalizing a vehicle
The amount and specificity of specific skills training must be increased in regularity and intensity for all sworn officers from recruit to chief of police
A SHOT Show LEEP session profiled both the professional and personal components to be fit for sniper duty
This rifle’s straight-pull bolt affords the shooter bolt action accuracy but is much faster to manipulate than a traditional bolt action rifle
Though relatively rare, hostage situations are a reality of policing, and the life you’re asked to save may be that of a child
The standoff lasted nine hours before a single shot ended it, police said
The driver of a semi-truck at times swerved into police vehicles, drove backwards and traveled in the wrong direction
Police sniper teams are better equipped with a rifle that can field two different calibers to meet the demands of increased overwatch assignments and conventional SWAT operations
These environments are complex and create many unique challenges for police snipers
This lightweight heavyweight checks all the boxes
The range of movement offered is perfect for SWAT snipers, whether for a pre-planned raid, overwatch for a large public venue or a hasty callout
We must first identify the common characteristics of a police sniper’s target and work backward from there to design and implement our training
A rifle cradle and a tripod provide an LE sniper with a stable platform ranging from a high prone to a solid standing position
The SWATSCOPE is a compact, lightweight optical device with a variable power magnification
Effective firearms training can have a round count barely reaching double digits, where every shot is an opportunity to learn and gain valuable information
Carrying lighter gear means quicker positioning and less fatigue, but how do you choose what to buy, what to bring and what to leave in the car?
There are many reticles on the market, but most tactical rifle optics are duplex, mil-dot, MOA lines or grid types
Assigning a large number of cops to a high-profile event isn’t enough to counter realistic threats these days; we must pre-plan such events with a “red team” mindset
The power and reach of a heavier round provides a capability a few of our officers should have
Authorities announced that a man questioned is not the prime suspect in a string of freeway shootings
Chief David Brown said the suspect told authorities he was James Boulware and blamed police for having lost custody of his son and for “accusing him of being a terrorist”
The police sniper shot the man following a standoff of several hours in a restaurant parking lot
This is not an easy position to obtain, so you’d better be prepared to stay the course and try again