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The popularity of doorbell cameras like Ring is a double-edged sword
So-called “swatting” calls have been fatal on all too many occasions
Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay said the department is determined to learn from the fatal officer-involved shooting of Andrew Finch
A feud between two online gamers in 2017 led Wichita police to respond to what they believed to be a kidnaping and shooting
Many swatting calls were reported across the state during 2022, including a false report of an active shooter that sent hundreds of students into lockdown
The court upheld a lower court’s ruling that denied qualified immunity to Officer Justin Rapp
A fatal prank call in Wichita in 2017 has had a ripple effect
A Florida teen is facing two felony charges after he admitted to ‘swatting’ a school -- prompting a lockdown and hysteria
The 17-year-old boy admitted in court to making hoax phone calls to authorities in a half-dozen states
The program is voluntary and open to any person who thinks they could fall victim to swatting
Deferred prosecution was approved to the online gamer responsible for a hoax call that resulted in police fatally shooting a man