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The popularity of doorbell cameras like Ring is a double-edged sword
So-called “swatting” calls have been fatal on all too many occasions
Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay said the department is determined to learn from the fatal officer-involved shooting of Andrew Finch
John Chiaramonte, MCP’s consulting president, leads virtual meeting of public-safety experts to strategize how to combat dangerous and wasteful practice of placing fake 911 calls to elicit an emergency response
A feud between two online gamers in 2017 led Wichita police to respond to what they believed to be a kidnaping and shooting
Many swatting calls were reported across the state during 2022, including a false report of an active shooter that sent hundreds of students into lockdown
The court upheld a lower court’s ruling that denied qualified immunity to Officer Justin Rapp
A fatal prank call in Wichita in 2017 has had a ripple effect
A Florida teen is facing two felony charges after he admitted to ‘swatting’ a school -- prompting a lockdown and hysteria
The 17-year-old boy admitted in court to making hoax phone calls to authorities in a half-dozen states
The program is voluntary and open to any person who thinks they could fall victim to swatting
Deferred prosecution was approved to the online gamer responsible for a hoax call that resulted in police fatally shooting a man
Resident can create a “Smart 911” profile to register concerns about ‘swatting’ prank risk
Shane Gaskill is among three men charged in the “swatting” case that led to Andrew Finch’s death
Tyler Barriss is charged with involuntary manslaughter, giving a false alarm and interference with a law enforcement officer
The Broward County Sheriff’s Office received a hoax call about a hostage situation at the home
Tyler Barriss told investigators the Wichita swatting was the result of a dispute over a $1.50 bet in an online game
The DA said there was reasonable concern at the time that Andrew Finch may have been armed with a weapon
The bill makes fake calls that result in death a felony comparable to second-degree murder
The lawsuit seeks damages related to the death of Andrew Finch, who was shot by police responding to a man’s call with a fake story about a shooting
The new system, Next Generation 911, will allow people to send emergency information as if they are posting to social media
Authorities allege that a dispute over an online video game led Tyler Rai Barriss to make the ‘swatting’ call
Tyler Barriss is accused of reporting a fake homicide and hostage situation that led to the fatal shooting of Andrew Finch
Andrew Finch was shot after a “prankster” called 911 with a fake story about a shooting and kidnapping at Finch’s Wichita home
Police in Los Angeles have arrested a man they suspect made a ‘swatting’ call that resulted in a SWAT officer fatally shooting a man in Kansas
Brian Krebs said people who make these calls frequently can face stiff penalties, while others often get off free
Police said the hoax call was a case of “swatting,” in which a person makes up a false report to get a SWAT team to descend on an address
Bill increases the penalties for people who place hoax phone calls to police
An apparent hoax summoned a strong police response Wednesday to the home of rapper Lil Wayne after an unknown caller reported a shooting