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Wildlife Enforcement

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service inspector, K-9 making a difference
The plight of two LE professionals who both died of duty-related melanomas highlights the inequities in workplace protections afforded to those who protect both humans and our natural resources
Police officers eventually cornered the animal in a fenced lot about 3 miles away from the Newark Penn Station
“It’s a pretty unusual, pretty eventful series of events,” Officer Vinny Brown said. “Both of those situations don’t happen for a game warden, that is for sure”
“He acted independently [and] committed multiple policy violations in his decision to euthanize [Annie the deer],” Chief Mario RedLegs said
“A day in the life of a SLCSO Ag Deputy is never routine,” the sheriff’s office said
During one incident, Jacob Schrader transported an unconscious 1-year-old to the hospital himself, simultaneously performing CPR and driving
Senior Investigator Kyle Patterson joined the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in 2007
Officer Sarah Grell had been a conservation officer since 2005
The incident prompted an active shooter alert but no one was injured, officials said