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The Baltimore Police Department is using data collection and analysis to make informed decisions about staffing and resource allocation
In this podcast segment, Jim and Doug discuss how things went from bad to worse in Charm City
When the world is watching and crowds are at their worst, make sure your officers are at their best
As Baltimore officers entered a stairwell with a ballistic shield, the suspect threw a knife at the officers, hitting the shield
“Injuries during transport have become extremely rare, and BPD now has in place the equipment, training, policies and practices to maintain this safety record,” the DOJ stated
“There’s much more work to be done,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley said. “I think we’ve shown over the last couple years that we can both reduce crime and reform a police department at the same time”
The program requires officers to learn about emotional regulation and basic brain science, using video-based learning to explore the relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions
“People should get used to hearing good news about BPD, and not just bad news,” an oversight director stated
Five people were injured during the Oct. 3 shooting; both suspected shooters are now in custody
An 11-page letter from FOP members detail the alleged lack of support, officers and equipment hindering the department from properly responding to incidents
After the suspect attempted to refuel the stolen vehicle, he drove off with the gas nozzle still attached