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“The Long Road Home” is a fictionalized account of Sandy Wall’s many years as a Houston police officer and SWAT operator
A young girl asks if she can ride horses as a police officer too when she grows up
Despite a deficit of nearly 2,000 officers, “this should have never happened and will not continue,” Chief Troy Finner stated
In the video footage, gunshots can be heard ringing throughout the church building as officers close in on the source of the shooting
Sergeant M. Valle fatally shot a suspected burglar after being severely wounded by multiple gunshots at point-blank range
Officers pursued the suspect until he crashed the stolen vehicle he was driving; then he opened fire at them
“We need our legislators and elected officials to revisit this and raise the penalties for this, because it is so dangerous,” a PD official said
HPD officers will no longer pursue drivers suspected of Class C offenses, including minor traffic violations and theft, according to the new policy
Legal experts said the shooting likely falls under the state’s self-defense law, but some questions remain
The program focuses on providing mental health support to officers using yoga and mindfulness techniques
The suspect used a VSKA AK-style pistol to fire several shots toward the officers through his windshield
All public safety agencies will be located in one location for better communication; HPD’s police chief will have the authority to reject security plans
The suspect began shooting at police after they attempted to stop him for driving erratically
The car was first spotted by a police aircraft when authorities noticed the Hellcat going 160 mph alongside another vehicle in a populated area
The department will create policies and procedures to ensure the equipment is only used during an active shooter event or emergency situation
Chief Pedro Lopez said his 200 officers need ballistic shields, rifles and ammunition in order to stop a school shooter
Officer Crystal Sepulveda, 29, was struck three times – once in the face, left calf and left toe; the bullet shattered her cheek and exited through her ear
Officer Crystal Sepulveda, 29, was shot in her face and her foot and is expected to survive
“I had in my mind [that] I was going to get shot. I just had to bear the pain,” Sgt. Kendrick Simpo recalled
An officer asks the suspect to step out of the vehicle, but, seconds later, the man opens the door and starts shooting at the officers
New video shows the aftermath of a February shooting that left an off-duty deputy dead
“This was the most exciting thing that’s happened,” said Michael Martinez, a third grader
The chaotic incident led to a gunfight, police pursuit and standoff
Deputy Neil Adams was working an extra security job when a suspect got control of his gun, police said
Cpl. Charles Galloway was the kind of person who “made people around him feel important,” colleagues said
The third officer remains in stable condition
One of the officers was shot in the arm, another was shot in the leg and the third was shot in the foot
Medical examiners in Houston had to wait weeks following the Nov. 5 concert by rapper Travis Scott for additional test results before making final determinations