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President Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the 46th president of the United States. He previously served as vice president under President Barack Obama. The Police1 Joe Biden resource page includes news about the president that impacts law enforcement, analysis of legislative actions and statements that affect police officers. Read what President Biden can do for law enforcement during his first 100 days in office, whether a Biden presidency will breathe new life into community policing and why Biden’s “shoot ‘em in the leg strategy” doesn’t work.

The document urges action in the face of rising violent crime and the coexisting challenge of recruiting and retaining police officers
Following the leak of a draft executive order on police reform, White House advisors are promising more LE collaboration. Let’s hope they talk to rural cops
The early days of the Biden presidency do not portend good times for American law enforcement
The president is also calling on governors to issue similar pardons for those convicted of state marijuana offenses
The order requires federal agencies and encourage local police to modify restrictions on no-knock warrants and use-of-force
The medal recipients were honored for their incredible bravery in the line of duty
For nearly a year, the ghost gun rule has been making its way through the federal regulation process
The proposal also calls for $30 billion over the next decade to expand law enforcement and crime prevention
Judge Ketanji Jackson, who comes from a police family, had previously won the support of the FOP
The president used his annual address to make his thoughts on “defunding the police” crystal clear
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who comes from a police family, would “treat issues related to law enforcement fairly and justly,” said FOP President Patrick Yoes
A clear shift from early in the pandemic has city officials under pressure to tackle violent crime
Tensions are running high as the agency deals with one of the largest spikes in migration along the U.S.-Mexico border in decades
The conversation comes after police fatally shot an armed man in Minneapolis last week
“The answer is not to defund the police,” Biden told officials gathered at NYPD headquarters. “It is to give you the tools, the training”
The White House said Biden plans to discuss his administration’s strategy to combat gun crime, including increased funding to hire more police officers
The laws expand peer counseling programs, benefits for disabled responders and penalties for offenders who harm federal LEOs
Biden’s speech touted his hope to fund services that would ease the work of policing in the U.S.
Joe Biden, plus former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, took part in today’s ceremony at Sept. 11 memorial plaza in New York
The bill is now headed to President Joe Biden’s desk for his signature
Cities across the nation are using American Rescue Plan dollars to boost public safety
Police chiefs and city leaders from around the country are expected to attend a meeting Monday with President Joe Biden
Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez has been tapped to serve as the nation’s immigration enforcement chief
Biden is also nominating David Chipman, a former federal agent, to be director of the ATF
Under a divided Senate, President Biden demanded the chamber pass two bills that would tighten federal background check laws and ban high-capacity magazines
Before Garland was Biden’s nominee for Attorney General, he was Obama’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court
Kristen Clarke is expected to play a pivotal role as the Justice Department focuses more on criminal justice and policing policies
The nine-page agreements known as Sanctuary for Americans First Enactment, or SAFE, are expansive
Trump appointed FBI Director Chris Wray in 2017 after the firing of James Comey