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This collection of Miscellaneous police stories features content that is not so easily categorized. The pieces featured here touch on elements of law enforcement and some not-so-common issues that concern cops.

Does releasing the name of an officer who shoots a suspected terrorist attacker put him or her in danger of terrorist retribution?
The series was yanked from Paramount Network in May 2020, but the show never stopped production
$5 from each bobblehead created by Kloanz Inc. will go to the charity Direct Relief to purchase PPE for essential workers
The company amended its policy against political attire after a photo taken at a Kansas plant labeled a pro-police phrase ‘unacceptable’
A photo shared by the agency shows the whole street illuminated in blue
Aerial video showed the paint appeared to cover portions of the word ‘blue’
Organizers said they obtained a permit from the city to complete the project
Bree Newsome ignored calls from police to get down from the flag pole and removed the banner
Breathalyzers and similar devices could pop up in more bars across Utah under a coming proposal from Draper Republican Rep. Greg Hughes