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Race Relations

Discussions between the Illinois NAACP and Illinois police chiefs identified common ground between local LE and the communities they serve
Law enforcement must move from box-checking to strategic thinking when it comes to communicating with the community
It is our job, our oath, our promise to police a diverse society with equity
“Our goal is to prompt critical thinking skills, promote academic excellence and reduce the high risk of incarceration and homicides among young African American males,” said Oakland Police Sgt. Robert Smith, who serves as Ok Program’s COO
District Judge Tom Lee called the ex-officers’ actions “egregious and despicable” and gave near-maximum sentences to five of the six men who attacked Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker in January 2023
Former Rankin County Sheriff’s Office deputy Hunter Elward was sentenced to 241 months in prison for participating in the racially motivated assault of two men and a separate assault of another man
The policy will forbid officers from stopping drivers or pedestrians for nine traffic infractions under most circumstances, such as driving without functioning rear brake lights
“It is likely that this officer’s brave actions saved others from being injured or killed as a result of Nathan Allen’s racially-motivated rampage,” District Attorney Kevin Hayden said
“The idea is to get young people and the troopers to better understand each other, and I think Building Bridges does that,” the school’s headmaster said
The union agrees that the officer should be punished for using the n-word on two occasions, but says firing him is too harsh
The transmissions feature automated voices using racial slurs and threatening violence such as lynchings in front of the county courthouse
San Francisco PD recently announced it would limit the distribution of booking photographs over concerns they reinforce negative stereotypes
Officer Phillip Jackson knows deep in his bones that he can, in fact, be a Black man and wear police blue at the same time
Law enforcement can either lead or be led on the issue of race in America
Capt. Javier Ortiz was suspended and is being investigated after officers accused him of being discriminatory
LaGrange Police Chief Lou Dekmar started the community’s uncovering of this buried story several years ago
A photo going viral is gaining praise from internet for officer’s actions during Confederate flag rally
The meeting helps teach the community how to respond to police contacts in different scenarios, and it gives law enforcement the opportunity to better understand the black community