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When policing in a crowd, employ tactics that are well-trained, effective and consistently present you in a positive light
Communication with organizers before, during and after events can help head off problems
Your eyesight may be at risk – do you know what to do in a laser incident?
“These announcements will allow police officers, whose lives were upended by the indictments, to return to their services to our community,” said Austin Mayor Kirk Watson
Designed as a revolutionary advance in riot armor, the NovaSteel Breastplate is an up-armorable plate carrier capable of stopping a full spectrum of threats
The department, sheriff’s office and state bureau of investigation have steadily released information about the arrest and death of Tyre Nichols as the community and nation braces for the release of bodycam video
Richland County (S.C.) Sheriff’s Department Corporal Peter Hart describes what makes RCSD’s Special Response Team unique
The retraining and change in tactics are “a direct reflection of lessons learned in 2020,” said Chief Michel Moore
La Crosse police work hard to keep the peace during Octoberfest, and this year, a perimeter protection plan was introduced to prevent a Waukesha-style attack
In exchange for the pleas, prosecutors agreed to drop arson charges that would have carried a seven-year mandatory minimum prison term
The man reportedly severed his finger when an officer shot him with a less-lethal projectile
The department’s After Action Report identifies 17 areas of analysis with recommendations for improvements, including improvements to de-escalation techniques and training
By now every officer should be trained in crowd control so that a group of them can form anytime to address a violent crowd in the early stages of its development
Law enforcement agencies must carefully balance the optics of providing public safety during protests while preparing for the potential of violence
Different police tactics yield different responses from protesters: tactical mismatches are likely to influence escalation as well as who joins or desists from protest events
During any period of widespread protests, it is important to prep both your equipment and your family in case you are deployed to assist with crowd control
Jury trial required to determine liability for mass arrest, alleged excessive force and supervisory indifference
If you wish to prepare your agency for unrest it would behoove you to read the entire report
Robert Sanford is accused of being the man seen on video throwing an extinguisher that hit three officers at the Capitol riot
A public building protest should not surprise any police leader, especially when organizers clearly state that as their intent
Decisions to use force, especially deadly force, are unquestionably the most critical an officer will ever make
Are you prepared to respond if essential buildings such as city hall, courthouses and police stations are overrun by protesters?
Follow this philosophy whether responding to a riot or supporting a search warrant
A report outlines 77 recommendations that include enhanced training, better equipment such as body-worn cameras, and renewed efforts to build community trust
LASD officers Brian Hill and Garrett Rifkin were exhausted after working for hours; a photo of the two went viral for reasons beyond their chosen profession
Anarchists rationalize and justify their behavior by capitalizing on peaceful movements
The portable kit includes a turnkey restraint and baton system
A riot has many moving parts and to quell one, police must have many moving options
Reporters from FOX, ABC, CBS and CNN shared their experiences from covering 2020 civil unrest