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A session at IACP’s Officer Safety and Wellness Conference will explain how understanding physiological responses to stress and trauma is critical to cultivating a culture of wellness in law enforcement
First responders like to avoid admitting their weaknesses and getting help with mental health struggles; isn’t it time for a change?
As a police officer, you need a personal support network to help you deal with trauma; your spouse and friends are a good place to start
The new instructor program is tailored for police and other first responders seeking to teach their communities how to Stop the Bleed
“Our film gives a voice to the spouses, significant others and children of the police family,” the media company’s release states
Sheriff McMahill: “If we take care of our responders better than we ever have, they’re going to take care of this community better than they ever have”
I’ve been reading about the physical and mental health benefits of cold-water therapy for quite some time, but I kept making excuses to take the freezing plunge
The Casper Police Department will offer training to first responders from nine different agencies
“We need an airway for him,” one recruit shouted, while another was heard repeatedly saying, “We need help, here. Help, here.”
M.A.R.C.H. is a guide for early intervention and care for life-threatening bleeding, airway compromise and inadequate breathing
Sticking to the status quo affects our wellbeing; here’s an examination of the importance of personal and professional growth in law enforcement
It’s not just about eating right and exercise; the wellness team also focuses on the mind-body-soul connection
Law enforcement is dangerous, but there’s more we could be doing to take care of officers; here are some thoughts on wellness for the coming year
As a leader, you are creating a partnership with your people, for your people, for their health and wellness
Law enforcement officers involved in a recent shooting require support from the top to process potential trauma
While in-person training and public outreach events have been postponed this year, social media is a great platform to discuss the importance of hemorrhage control
Start from the premise that every person who reports a sexual assault deserves a thorough, unbiased investigation
To understand a victim’s response to sexual assault, it is important to understand the effects trauma has on the victim’s ability to recall information
Stress and long-term trauma are a growing concern in LE
The complexity of domestic violence means that no single discipline can tackle this crime alone
A new documentary, “Keeping the Peace,” tells the story of law enforcement officers, firefighters and other first-responders and the harrowing scenes they witness
The Crisis Care Chaplaincy program provided a debriefing with Metro-Area Ambulance and the Mandan Fire Department
An initiative called Handle With Care allows officers to alert school officials of students who have experienced trauma so they can provide extra care
FETI training focuses on enhancing the quality and quantity of information obtained from victims who have undergone highly stressful or traumatic experiences
It is imperative that agencies implement strategies to help police officers address the adverse effects of job-related stress
With the increased public scrutiny of police departments and their personnel, it is more important than ever that agencies recruit resilient candidates
When Tonawanda police respond to a car accident, fire or crime that’s left a child traumatized, they’ll have teddy bears on hand to comfort the youngsters
The effects of family-related trauma can have repercussions for many years after the event