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The San Diego Police Officers Association and the National Law Enforcement Foundation share lessons learned from building the nation’s first law enforcement only childcare center
The parents of James Woods, 17, are on a mission to shine a light on the events leading up to the death of their only child by suicide and what happened after
Author and NYPD Detective Investigator Adrian Goodwin has one goal: to foster a positive perception of police among the youngest members of the community
“I wanted to tell (Joel) ‘Thank you’ and that I appreciated the painting,” K-9 Rico’s handler Special Agent Richard Hunton said
The center will accommodate officers’ schedules and will cost about half of the market price for childcare services
Deputy Scott Pracht responded to a 911 call from a boy who just wanted to hug an officer
“I have to say it was an incredible experience,” said Officer Peter Saker. “I met two great people as well and hopefully I can watch Mia grow”
The dog will serve as a seizure response dog for Kynadee, Chief Delvon Campbell’s 9-year-old daughter
“It probably would’ve been a worst-case scenario,” Officer Ryan Eustace said
Two officers, who transported the injured boy to a hospital in their cruiser, were recently honored with a Valor Award for their heroism
“I’ve stood over too many bodies to ignore how our community is being harmed, not only by violence, but by its response to that violence,” Sheriff T.K. Waters said