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An unseasonably warm, sunny English day calls for ice cream, of course
The country’s first emergency services cycling club completed its inaugural charity ride in June, crossing 300 miles of English countryside
The Metropolitan Police said some officers “are concerned that it signals a shift in the way the decisions they take in the most challenging circumstances will be judged”
London’s Metropolitan Police had banned officers from wearing the badge to avoid officers “showing allegiance to any cause”
The two men were being held for questioning and have not yet been charged
Police called it a “fantastic opportunity” for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to fulfill their dream of becoming a police officer
Three men suspected of being “associates” have been arrested
Construction route or invitation to a game of life and death?
Ford has already debuted a police-ready version of the car in the United Kingdom
The Gloucestershire Constabulary says it’s the first police force in the world to use dog DNA to help investigate stolen dogs