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Most Wanted

Donald Santini’s 39-year run from justice came to a quiet end when deputies led him in handcuffs into a Hillsborough County jail
Krystal Mitchell was discovered beaten to death inside an apartment in San Diego in 2016
Darrick Bell, 50, is the accused leader of a sophisticated human trafficking and narcotics distribution operation in Detroit
The man is accused of attempting to kill at least two Kentucky officers this month
Police have arrested a man on the FBI’s Most Wanted list who is accused of strangling a New Jersey woman in 2014
The FBI tracked down and fatally shot a man they believe was on the U.S.'s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list
Christopher Ricardo Gonzalez was among a group of suspects wanted for several home invasions in Dallas from October 2016 until February 2017
The remains of Donald Eugene Webb, a suspect in the 1980 slaying of Police Chief Gregory Adams, were found buried in the backyard of a Massachusetts home
An unidentified body exhumed in Alabama is not the man accused of using a sledgehammer to kill his family in Maryland in 1976, the FBI said Wednesday
A man who searched his name on Google wound up finding out more about himself than he bargained for when he discovered he was a wanted man