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White Supremacy

From the anti-government movement to homegrown violent extremists, law enforcement faces both domestic and foreign-sourced challenges
Jim and Doug explore reasons why the reporting of hate crimes is seemingly on the rise
Police departments must prepare to use proven team tactics for crowd control to ensure demonstrations remain peaceful and lawful assemblies
Authorities arrested 50 members of the prison gang as part of a statewide crackdown, officials said Friday
A masked suspect seen smashing windows in Minneapolis was allegedly trying to rile a peaceful crowd, police said
In June, Steven Carrillo, who has ties to the boogaloo movement, killed a federal security officer outside a courthouse, and later fatally ambushed a sheriff’s deputy
Police said rounds of ammo, weapons and anti-Semitic information were found at his house
Crowd control
Police seized metal poles, bear spray and other weapons and closed bridges and streets to try to keep the rival groups apart. They were largely successful
White supremacist ideology is helping fuel domestic terrorism in the United States, the head of Homeland Security said Tuesday
Crowd control
Portland police are mobilizing to prevent clashes between out-of-state far-right groups and the homegrown anti-fascists who oppose them at a rally planned for Saturday
The post that led to Richard Dean Clayton’s arrest took place one day after the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso
In one plan, Conor Climo said he would firebomb a Las Vegas synagogue followed by a “light infantry weapon attack”
Crowd control
The mayor also pushed back against the police union president, saying his recent criticism “crossed a line”
Crowd control
Sen. Ted Cruz weighed in, calling for a federal investigation into the actions of both the mayor and the police
Crowd control
At least three groups had planned rallies or demonstrations at different sites in the city, including members of the so-called Proud Boys and antifa
Agencies around the country are honing their responses, trying to balance free-speech rights with public safety and comparing notes to see which tactics work best
White supremacy has moved from the dark corners of the internet into American streets, bringing the threat of violence along with it
Jim and Doug discuss how crowd control is changing
Mayor Mike Signer said the events on Aug. 12 “raised serious questions about the city’s handling of security, communications, and governance”
Boston Commissioner William Evans said 33 arrests had been made by Saturday night — mostly for disorderly conduct while some were for assaulting police officers
“If you’re sitting on a campus where this hasn’t happened, consider this your wake-up call that it might”
Police found two rifles, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a skull mask in the suspect’s car
CHP turned over its eight-month investigation to the Sacramento County district attorney’s office, which was reviewing the 2,000-page report and hours of video
While much of the attention has been focused on foreign terror organizations, it’s important to remember the threats posed by domestic terrorism groups