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I doubt there are many departments training to deal with this scenario. We must physically and mentally train to avoid this type of outcome
The FREE program has promise as a strategy for reducing vehicle crashes, particularly those stemming from dangerous driving behaviors
“SPO Tran was a highly-respected police officer and member of the Des Moines Department family, and will forever be remembered for his selfless service to the community”
Matthew Hunter claimed he was given disproportionate punishment for his offense because he had disclosed his diagnosis
Algona Police Officer Kevin Cram was shot as he tried to serve an arrest warrant for a harassment charge
According to Chief Dana Wingert, the program is meant to complement data on traffic stops resulting in arrests or citations
Ranger, a new bloodhound purchased to help the police with tracking, joins the Cedar Rapids department thanks to the 500th grant awarded by AKC Reunite
The police chief is “hopeful this lawsuit will help lead to meaningful change in the community” and “awareness of the importance of power dynamics and consent”
The officer clung to the roof of the car during a pursuit, which ended shortly after the officer fell when the suspect drove through a ditch, breaking his back
Prosecutors said Stanley Donahue robbed two employees at a store and confined them in a cooler before shooting Linn County Deputy Will Halverson seven times