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I doubt there are many departments training to deal with this scenario. We must physically and mentally train to avoid this type of outcome
The FREE program has promise as a strategy for reducing vehicle crashes, particularly those stemming from dangerous driving behaviors
An LVM Systems mental health screening app was installed on every officer’s phone to help assess a person’s behavior and provide logs of past incidents with subjects who’ve had repeat contact with police
The Flock Safety LPR system, installed about a year ago in South Sioux City, has helped police track down 20 stolen vehicles and aided in 3 homicide investigations
“His violent aggression was planned, and targeted, at law enforcement,” County Attorney James Loomis stated, ruling that the fatal shooting was justified
The Perry Police Department, Dallas County Sheriff’s Office and other first responders arrived at the Perry High School within minutes of the active shooter report
K-9 bear died in September 2022 after being left in a patrol vehicle for 22 hours without food or water
“SPO Tran was a highly-respected police officer and member of the Des Moines Department family, and will forever be remembered for his selfless service to the community”
Matthew Hunter claimed he was given disproportionate punishment for his offense because he had disclosed his diagnosis
Algona Police Officer Kevin Cram was shot as he tried to serve an arrest warrant for a harassment charge
According to Chief Dana Wingert, the program is meant to complement data on traffic stops resulting in arrests or citations
Ranger, a new bloodhound purchased to help the police with tracking, joins the Cedar Rapids department thanks to the 500th grant awarded by AKC Reunite
The police chief is “hopeful this lawsuit will help lead to meaningful change in the community” and “awareness of the importance of power dynamics and consent”
The officer clung to the roof of the car during a pursuit, which ended shortly after the officer fell when the suspect drove through a ditch, breaking his back
Prosecutors said Stanley Donahue robbed two employees at a store and confined them in a cooler before shooting Linn County Deputy Will Halverson seven times
The Indianola officer deployed stop sticks, but due to windy conditions, the sticks blew around and got caught under the suspect’s vehicle
As he was being led from the courtroom, the man looked at the deputy and his family and said that “it should of been worse than what it was”
Gionni Dameron, 18, and Rashad Carr, 16, were fatally shot while seeking to “rebuild their lives” in an educational program
The attack stemmed from an ongoing gang dispute, police said, and an 18-year-old has been charged
LEOs arrived to find two students critically injured and they started CPR immediately, but the students later died at a hospital
The deputies work six, 12-hour shifts per month; the board recently approved funding to hire four more reserve deputies
According to the department, the horse was “very thankful” to its rescuers and was returned to its owners, who say she is doing well
Crisis response teams have been slower to catch on in rural areas even though mental illness is just as prevalent there
Indira Sheumaker’s countersuit says two officers used excessive force and violated her civil rights when they arrested her during a 2020 protest
Two Des Moines officers claim the incident was “nothing short of domestic terrorism”
Sgt. John Williams, 59, was the agency’s longest-serving sergeant
Sgt. Jim Smith was fatally shot during a standoff in April of 2021
The combine was wider than the lane and partially across the center line, investigators said