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Rapid Response

After a wrong-way driver struck 25 LASD recruits on a training run, LE leaders and instructors should study this incident and consider changes to recruit training activities
Applying a “when/then/why” approach to the tactical challenges of an ambush situation with a baby in the crossfire
In the space of 12 hours, a gunman ambushed and shot an NYPD officer sitting in his patrol vehicle, then shot another officer inside an NYPD station
Bodycam video shows deputies helping neighbors and Costco shoppers, as well as dogs and horses, escape the blaze
Rallies that began as a protest of fuel prices have morphed to reflect discontent with the ruling party
Hundreds of motorists were stranded overnight after a blizzard roared through the area
Chief Dave Hayes is among hundreds who found their home reduced to a burnt husk
Medical examiners in Houston had to wait weeks following the Nov. 5 concert by rapper Travis Scott for additional test results before making final determinations
Sheriff Derek Robbins says he was inspired after seeing that Graves County deputies were riding in damaged cruisers
The deputies had only just emerged from their battered cars when they heard someone screaming for help
Multiple roadway LODDs in early 2020 are tragic reminders of the importance of time, distance and shielding to reduce hot zone risk
Just as with the Midland and Odessa shootings earlier this year, the Jersey City shooting hints at a vexing problem for law enforcement ‒ countering mobile killers
These shootings show just how difficult it can be for law enforcement to stop a highly mobile killer
We can learn a lot from the magnificent combination of tactics and courage shown by the Philly officers who brought a dynamic sudden assault to a successful conclusion
In his manifesto, the El Paso killer left some valuable information for law enforcement to consider about his preparation for the attack
The rapid movement of the killer from one scene to the next made the attacks incredibly disorienting and highly complicated the police response
The actions of Sgt. Ron Helus during the shooting at a California bar undoubtedly saved lives; here’s what else LE can learn from this horrific attack
We must expect that religious facilities are primary targets, and take the active measures necessary to protect them from likely attack
If law enforcement and mental health agencies support each other in their respective roles, it could go a long way in quelling concerns in the event of public scrutiny
The complex, carefully coordinated attacks of 9/11 have been replaced with a new kind of violence that is significantly harder to detect
Failure to effectively communicate during multidisciplinary response may result in serious repercussions
Because of the evolving dynamics of the incident in Florida, officers must remember to assess the scene upon arrival, request backup and maintain a heightened level of situational awareness
It has been reported in these early stages that the cameras on the officers at the scene came off during the struggle — one of the drawbacks of those devices
The radical Islamist attack is a reminder that nation is at war with a twisted ideology that promotes violence against anyone who does not submit to those extremist beliefs
Why we posted the recording of Deputies Patrick Dailey and Mark Logsdon’s last moments
At stake here is more than the collection of information from one terrorist’s secure, government-issued mobile phone
There is one very significant yet simple takeaway from this incident which requires our attention and consideration: shot doesn’t equal dead — the will to win is a potentially life-saving force
The manner in which the assault on the Inland Regional Center was carried out holds some hallmarks of attacks we have seen overseas such as in Paris and Mali last month, and Mumbai in 2008
Know that it can happen here — quite easily, in fact