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AcuDetox and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing are showing value in one Colorado county
You expect physical atrophy after a joint surgery; the real problem is the emotional atrophy
The service is a comprehensive, 24-hour crisis referral service for all public safety employees, all emergency services personnel and their family members nationwide
In the first year after the new approach took effect, only 1% of people who received citations for possessing controlled substances sought help
Using grant monies, the Vernon Police Department is connecting addicts with recovery coaches and moving them into treatment rather than jail
“Addiction may be a law enforcement problem, but there is no law enforcement solution for addiction”
Officer Ryan O’Connor continues to recover from being shot in the back of the head by a handcuffed suspect
In order to best rehabilitate offenders, we need to know how likely they are to reoffend; here’s a look into the process of determining recidivism rates
Woman who had several surgeries before having part of her leg amputated was discharged Saturday and has vowed to run the race next year
Five-year-old human trafficking court honored five new graduates — women who spent years or even decades on the street before entering the program