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Law and Order

Officers facing civil actions for the excessive use of force may have an additional opportunity to obtain dismissal prior to trial
If you’re inexperienced in the courtroom, you need to read this.
They want an “across-the-board reduction in incarceration without necessarily a reasonable consideration of victims’ rights and the seriousness of some of these offenses,” said DA Michele Hanisee
State legislature removed all mention of UOF from Senate Bill 230, leaving options for LE to negotiate on new rules or oppose the bill
The man was sentenced to life without parole for the 2017 murder of Trooper Joel R. Davis
Officials are debating on statewide guidelines on when officers can use force and requiring that every LEO train in ways to avoid opening fire
The bill bans oversight powers for independent civilian boards
Leaders are criticizing the decision, saying it’s offensive to loved ones and the justice they deserve
Council members approved ending the jailing of sexual assault victims who resist testifying
Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul said this week that his office would review the Van Dyke sentence