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LeRonne Armstrong was fired in February of 2023 over a misconduct probe; the city has not had a permanent chief since his firing
"[Officer Tuan Le] will be remembered for his kindness, his smile, and the positive change he brought to the lives of those around him,” the city of Oakland said. “He is a true hero who dedicated his life to making our community safer”
The police chief position has been open since February, when Mayor Sheng Thao suspended and subsequently fired former Chief LeRonne Armstrong
Mayor Sheng Thao fired Chief LeRonne Armstrong after a probe found gross dereliction of duty in a sergeant’s misconduct cases
Transit authority will increase the number of patrol officers on trains and at stations as it tries to bring back riders after the pandemic
A probe concluded the chief failed to properly investigate a sergeant involved in a hit-and-run with his patrol car, as well as an incident where he fired his service weapon inside police HQ
Hundreds of students went into lockdown as police swarmed the grounds searching for the shooter who is still at large
Anne Kirkpatrick said her firing came in retaliation for exposing abuses of power and corruption within the commission
City employees “improperly manipulated” an outside investigator’s report that had initially found the shooting justified, a judge said
Chief LeRonne Armstrong thanked the community, saying his department will no longer have to rely on other agencies’ equipment
The measure will add two new police academies and allow the department to add 60 new officers
The emergency proposal aims to combat a spike in violent crime
Oakland is among other liberal cities having to change course amid an increase in violent crime
Former officer Kevin Nishita was shot while working security for a TV news crew covering a smash-and-grab theft
The proposal comes three months after the city decided to give the police department less money
With gun violence and homicides on the rise, Chief LeRonne L.Armstrong gave an impassioned “call to action for everyone in this city”
“Taking the term ‘flying home’ a bit too far,” officers said
Several attacks on older Asians have stoked fear in the Bay Area, leading police to increase their presence
The shooting happened on Nov. 3 after “teams of armed” people allegedly targeted several cannabis dispensaries
A city official explained that while residents feel the current public safety model isn’t working, they’re also unnerved by the recent spike in violent crime
The suit alleges federal agencies overstepped their constitutional limits
President Trump has said federal officers could be coming to Oakland as they’re set to withdraw from Portland
An Oakland police spokesperson said a violent group broke off from an otherwise peaceful march with intention to cause destruction
The executive director of President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing said Oakland policing is one to emulate
Officers are not sure why the doll was in the car seat
A burned body was discovered after an explosion hurt two deputies who were serving an eviction notice