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“The officer that took that shot, under that kind of stress, that guy saved lives. That’s a guy I’d like to shake his hand.”
Applying a “when/then/why” approach to the tactical challenges of an ambush situation with a baby in the crossfire
Partnership between Arizona State University and Tempe PD yielded a curriculum designed to help officers keep contacts with the public peaceful and productive
The money will be put toward advanced camera technology, license plate readers, a speed enforcement van and more technologies
The attack happened at the Federal Correctional Institution, Tucson, a medium-security prison
Officer Freddy Ortiz was 44 years old and had served the U.S. Border Patrol for 13 years
Tyler Moldovan was not expected to survive his injuries, but has made a “miraculous” recovery
Alicia Wadas, an advertising executive and a grandmother, has a second, not-quite-secret life: she’s with the FBI
“Just this week alone, I’ve had a patrol car damaged, I’ve had two officers, deputies, that were trying to be run over by smuggler drivers. This is every day down here,” Sheriff Mark Dannels said
While the cruiser was moving, the back seat officer fired bean bag rounds while another officer, who saw the suspect reach for a gun, discharged his weapon
Officer Shawn Patterson, an Army veteran, is set to participate in the Legacies Alive Challenge as a tribute to his fallen friends, Sergeant Tyler Holtz and Specialist Ricardo Cerros, Jr.