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Millions watched on live television as LAPD officers pursued Simpson for nearly two hours after a warrant was issued for his arrest in 1994
The jury hearing the case of Zach Camden and J.J. Johnson considered charges of manslaughter, criminal negligence and assault
Austin Ross, 26, is expected to be named an honorary deputy by the Flagler County Sheriff after his heart stopped at a hospital
After charges were dismissed last year, prosecutors assert that Baldwin caused cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ death by negligence and disregard for safety
Billy Clardy III was shot and killed while working on an undercover drug operation
The Glock Company originally produced military knives and consumer goods, before Gaston Glock engineered the Glock-17 pistol
Moody police Sgt. Stephen Williams, who was ambushed and killed while responding to a 911 call in 2020, was awarded Officer of the Year in 2019
The jury could have convicted Nathan Woodyard on charges of either manslaughter or negligent homicide, but it found him not guilty of both
Officer Billy Clardy III was 48 years old when he was shot and killed in December 2019 during an undercover drug operation
Officer Darrell Cunningham Shamily and his passenger were killed in the crash, and a sheriff’s deputy sitting in the backseat was injured
“The funeral home where the bodies were improperly stored was horrific.”
“I’ve stood over too many bodies to ignore how our community is being harmed, not only by violence, but by its response to that violence,” Sheriff T.K. Waters said
“I think the way my wheels were placed, the way I parked and the way I’m trained at the department, that was a critical part of me making it,” Sgt. Ron Malone said
While the cruiser was moving, the back seat officer fired bean bag rounds while another officer, who saw the suspect reach for a gun, discharged his weapon
Melvin Emde was charged with statutory child rape in North Carolina, allegedly faked his drowning death in the Mississippi River and was arrested in Georgia
Retired Bell Police Chief Andreas Probst is remembered for his big heart and his welcoming nature that made any stranger feel at home
Ismael Lopez was shot after allegedly pointing a rifle at officers who were serving a warrant at the wrong address
Anthony “Jack” Sully, who was convicted of murdering six people, died of natural causes at a medical facility outside of the San Quentin Rehabilitation Center
“We are all in shock and saddened to our very core. Our hearts go out to the families of all those involved,” Sheriff Matt Gentry said
Brownsville EMS providers transported several injured people to hospitals
Curtis Worland was trying to scare away a group of muskox from near a dog kennel at his home when one of the animals attacked him
The suspect was mortally wounded after officers asked him to drop his weapon as they responded to a call about a large fight in progress
Officer Ervin Karic was found dead in his vehicle near the academy; his death was not considered to be suspicious
Deputy Brian Rainey died Tuesday morning from an accidental discharge of a firearm, police said
Both officers were shot in the head by the suspect who is in custody
Authorities have not yet determined the San Jose man’s cause of death