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Standoff Situations

The Standoff Situations topic page offers a variety of tactical tips and strategic concepts to make sure the innocents are spared, the subject is secured, and the officers go home safely. When a suspect is barricaded in place, many things must happen for a successful resolution, such as setting up outer and inner perimeters, and making contact with the subject.

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In a surprise move, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently voted to allow San Francisco PD to deploy robots equipped to deliver lethal force
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Goodland Police Chief Frank Hayes Jr. suffered the heart attack after successfully negotiating a two-hour police standoff
Sacramento PD deployed a drone to gain a better visual of the suspect who was standing in a corner; video shows him pointing a gun at the officers
Harris County Deputy Joseph Anderson was critically wounded after being shot during a traffic stop, leading to the search for Terran Green
Stamford police, EMS, behavioral health members and firefighters worked together to end a 6-hour standoff
The career criminal with 58 felony convictions threatened law enforcement and bail bondsmen in a tense standoff that ended in gunfire
The sheriff’s office said the suspect was in active violation of his probation for a DUI and a warrant had been issued for his arrest
Inmates who were in single and double cells were moved to a communal setting and about 20 “ringleaders” decided to “stir the pot” in protest
Officers talked with the man with help from negotiators; after a nearly six-and-a-half-hour standoff, he agreed to surrender