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Suicidal Man

One of the most difficult and emotional calls law enforcement handles today is responding to armed suicidal subject calls
NYPD officers scaled the bridge hundreds of feet above the water to talk the man down to safety
The shooting occurred after police were called to a domestic disturbance and the suspect pointed a gun at his mother and a sergeant
Deputy Chris Mobley was on his way home when he saw a man dive out of a moving van; Mobley tried to help the man, who later stole his gun and threatened to kill himself
Investigators said the victim “didn’t have the apparent intent to harm” officers with the weapon
The situation began when officers were called regarding a suicidal man parked outside a government building in Mobile
Just 10 minutes earlier, the deputy had encountered the man while responding to a domestic call
“I love you,” Officer Eric Knuttel told the complete stranger after rescuing him on top of a 13-story parking garage
The LEO was able to subdue the vet until more officers and medical personnel arrived to take over the incident
The man pulled a gun on himself after his girlfriend told officers he was armed
The LEO sprang into action after the man tied a string around his neck and lost consciousness
Officers said they did not smell any gasoline on the man and did not see the man pour it inside his van
Using his pet, hostage negotiators were able to persuade him to go back inside the building
Bodycam footage shows an incident an officer faced with a potential jumper and what he did to save him
An off-duty officer was able to talk a man out of suicide
Officer is being congratulated for his efforts in talking down the suspect