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Eric Garner

Jim and Doug discuss how actions such as the firing of Dan Pantaleo fan the flames of the continuing trend of de-motivation and de-policing in America
Daniel Pantaleo’s lawsuit says his termination was ‘arbitrary’
Meanwhile, the PBA approved “no confidence” resolutions for Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner James O’Neill
The war of words between the city’s police unions and NYPD brass continues
A fiery Patrick Lynch said the PD was “frozen” and “rudderless” in the wake of decision
Officer Daniel Pantaleo’s lawyers will have about two weeks to submit a response before the police commissioner makes a final decision on punishment
Several hundred people took to the streets Wednesday in a protest in downtown Manhattan
The U.S. Justice Department will not file civil rights charges against Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo in connection with the death of Eric Garner
The officer said he wrote up paperwork that exaggerated the seriousness of Garner’s suspected crime
The charges were presented to Officer Daniel Pantaleo after the NYPD told the DOJ that they planned to move on the case
A letter from an NYPD lawyer informed the DOJ that it would no longer wait for federal authorities to decide whether to charge Officer Daniel Pantaleo
It’s unclear if top Justice Department officials will be willing to move forward with a case
The DOJ Civil Rights Division wanted to charge the officer, but federal prosecutors and the FBI were against it
Settlement comes nearly a year after the in-custody death that resulted in large-scale protests
Former police office says the bill is part of an anti-cop movement
Officers attending training were reportedly told to ‘close their eyes’ and do breathing exercises during tense situations
Tactic was introduced to officers attending an NYPD training session – part of the department’s new “smart policing” program
Several dozen protesters hindered the morning commute for some Thursday as they marched in the streets of Washington
As Mayor Bill de Blasio plots his next move to end a crisis that has led to an NYPD work slowdown, his advisers have made it clear: he won’t apologize
More than 100 anti-police protesters crashed a medal presentation honoring a 100-year-old Navy vet Saturday
A high school basketball tournament on the Northern California coast has become the latest flashpoint in the ongoing police protests
Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association in New York, said there was “blood on the hands” of demonstrators and elected officials who have criticized police tactics
Gunman announced online that he was planning to shoot two “pigs” in retaliation for the in-custody death of Eric Garner
Baltimore mayor believes nationwide protests might cause officers to hesitate in using deadly force — compromising their safety
Officer Jason Barthel this week began selling T-shirts with the message “Breathe easy, don’t break the law” in response to a weekend protest
Bill de Blasio delivered the latest volley Tuesday in his ongoing battle with the city’s police union, dismissing their ability to speak for rank-and-file officers
Melee left an officer with a broken nose during a demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge over the weekend