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Black Lives Matter

Here are the events and technologies the P1 team and our readership viewed as having the most significant impact on the profession in the last decade
There are areas where legislation could really make an impact on police officers; hate crime legislation isn’t one of them
While police leaders should be encouraged to widen the scope of voices they hear, inviting hostile and unqualified persons to implement policy is another matter
Officer Michael Silva says he as at times felt “in between” — commiserating with both but feeling judged on all sides
Officer Jervis Middleton was accused of giving protest organizers information about specific officers
A federal judge named four cases where officers violated an order that barred police from using force against peaceful protesters, as well as four cases where they complied
Const. Curtis Polk Jr. voiced concern after he was moved to a shared office near the segregation-era sign, making him the only elected official in the county to not have a private office
A video that went viral online -- a teen hitting an officer with a skateboard -- led to an unlikely bond
The former cop who was cleared of charges that he falsified records is suing to get his job back, saying officials were retaliating for his support of Black Lives Matter
A directive calls on every police station in the city to install one of the posters
It was nearly six years ago that a grand jury declined to indict former officer Darren Wilson
The sheriff’s comments came after the library said it was considering making a statement supporting the Black Lives Matter movement
San Francisco’s Police Commission voted unanimously to approve the resolution Wednesday
Some lawmakers say that reducing marijuana-related penalties would reduce unnecessary confrontations between police and minorities
The FBI said the recent attention around McClain’s death caused them to disclose their ongoing investigation
“I’m not gonna let that little sticker be the divide among people in the community who will be afraid to come to us because of that,” Sheriff Chuck Atkins said
The LEO alleged Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson was negligent for organizing and leading the Baton Rouge protestors to illegally block a public highway
Black Lives Matter protesters harassed a Sacramento police officer linked to the Stephon Clark shooting on the day of his wedding
Jim and Doug discuss how the mainstream news outlets and social media — along with the efforts of organized groups — create such an uproar after an OIS
The bar said the flag has since been removed
The agreement comes on the heels of three lawsuits filed last year against the city
The protests are in response to the fatal OIS of a man who police believed had a gun
An NYPD officer faced criticism after a tweet that included a Black Lives Matter hashtag was posted on her precinct’s Twitter account
The activists said they were protesting against police brutality and privileges enjoyed by wealthy visitors
It is time to train 100 percent of police officers nationwide in the team tactics of crowd control
A police officer anonymously sued Black Lives Matter and DeRay Mckesson, a prominent activist in the movement, after being injured by a rock thrown during a protest
The gathering in Brooklyn featured about 75 mostly minority officers wearing black T-shirts reading "#imwithkap”
DeRay Mckesson and four other Black Lives Matter leaders are named as defendants in the suit filed on behalf of one of the officers wounded in the attack
Black Lives Matter is wary of the bill’s concept and are calling for a no vote when the legislation reaches the Senate.